Sunday 7th May

Nigel Hutchinson

Saturday 6th May

Adult Squad,.. and thanks to Frank Kelly, Richard Everiss, Julian and Claire (and me) for taking people sailing and to Rachael for quietly stalking them with forms and pens and signing them up to join the Club,....welcome to all new Members,..My gosh but it's been windy with the beasterly easterlies,...Ian S took a look 'round the corner' to pronounce it sailable, so the Youths were going...and so it gave me a chance, while explaining all about various ropes which I couldn't remember the use of or position of, to rig my GP and get it on the water,....I see the Commodore set the pace in the afternoon in his newer shiny yacht to record his first win,..well done,..I had returned home to sow peas and therefore missed the champagne celebrations,....

Friday 5th May

Evening:....While the Great and the Good drank cheese and ate wine there was a shore based Adult Squad (Beasterly Easterlies),..with a new Solo owner,....we had been struggling with his mast and sails for some time when JR appeared and within moments had condemned his mast and produced a readily available Needlespar at reasonable price....!..Thank you to Robin for taking a new Adult Squad for a risky blast about the Bay,........ the Youths were towed out into the gusts from Troutbeck and they bowled about the Lake with their mini-sails on sticks,....and they counted them all back,....

Morning:....Thank you Zoe!!,...I had realised in the middle of the night that I had left the battery switched on on Retriever (see below),...and, worried at being found out, had gone to the Club,... picked up the keys, boarded the boat, un-padlocked the door, entered the cabin, burrowed under the seat, switched off the battery and turned round to find that the wind..(..!...),..had slammed the cabin door shut over the hasp and had deftly turned the swinging hasp, locking me well and truly,...for the future, when this happens to you,..and you, like me, refuse to have anything to do with mobile phones,..(the central cause of the breakdown of civilised society), will find that, although the hooters and their push-button sounder are on the outside of the cabin,..where their wiring passes through the cabin wall there are two terminals, which, if you turn the battery back on, can be disconnected, touched together and the horns sounded with satisfying effect.  Eventually as you work your way through Colonel Bogey a puzzled Zoe will appear at the Clubhouse windows,..see you, wave cheerfully and come aboard and let you out, give her a big hug ......!....

Thursday 4th May

I, together with a sailing god,...the current Flying Fifteen World Champion, was in charge...The wind howled, the trees bent,..the spray was whipped off the wave tops with a satisfying hiss and a queue formed of sailors, willing to forego their sailing pleasure in order to man rescue craft, was a beautiful sunny evening and with the availibility of rescue I was willing to allow racing to take place, fact Steve and I went out into the North Lake in Retriever (see above!), and drifting sideways very rapidly, did work out a course, appeared on the Jetties in time for a start so we returned to see John Whalley in his RS400,..set off, capsize within metres of the jetties, right the boat, and disappear North,....eventually being chased by Ian S in Tango who struggled to keep up,...they sailed to Waterhead and back in very short time,..............

Monday 1st May

Evening:...Excellent,....the wind was at last,..(see below),..sailable for racing for an old man in a small boat,...lots of boats, a good course and a satisfying,..for me at least,..result.

Afternoon:....Easterly Beasterly,...say no more,...three of us, a Solo, a GP14 and an RS100 decided that:-        

a) it was too windy and that b) those three boats with all the handicapping in the world were hardly going to constitute a race and that c) it was too windy,.....

NB,....KNOT TYING for Beginners,...Adult Squad will be holding a session on knot tying on some future occasion,...please note that this interesting and seemingly essential course is available for, and open to, any 17Ft Owners who think that they could benefit from brushing up their obviously lapsed skills,....!!!...

Sunday 30th April

It was very windy in Ambleside and I stayed at home..........well done the racers

Saturday 29th April

First Adult Squad of the Season with new members.....Thanks to Ian Cooper, and Frank Kelly for taking people sailing ..... It was a pleasant stiff breeze in the morning as we sailed about ...I was trying to give Lisa Knaggs some spinnaker tips,...and we got back without any swimming ...see below

April 2017

Prior to all the above there has been lots and lots of dinghy sailing, people younger than me and more appropriately dressed.........I've been swimming twice..!...and on one other occassion had a look 'round the corner', - but discretion and valour were weighing heavily in the equation,...Our Class Captain Matt has lead by example and won the April Series, followed by JR and James......are we having a Prize Giving? there a wooden spoon?...and well done to Barty who took part in all nine April races,....and another three Denis Hopes...Phew...!

All the Best

Nigel h

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