Dear Member

Well thank heavens “dry-January” has come to an end with me managing to stay alcohol free for 30 days. Yes, unfortunately I had a slight blip towards the end of the month when I couldn’t resist having a couple of pints of Windermere Pale at the Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley.

Social committee have come up with an interesting and varied programme which is now on the website and the two events held during January were both very well attended. The talk by the North West Blood Bikers was informative and the raffle raised £120 for their charity. Then last week we had a very entertaining quiz with guest quizmasters Wendy and Richard Thompson. Having seen them in action it is very apparent why they don’t ever sail together!

I am looking forward to the next event which is Penny Aubrey’s talk – “A Passage Across The World” being held on Thursday 15 February (meal 6:30pm / talk 7:30pm) and then it’s the Valentine’s Dinner and Disco on Saturday 17th February at 7:30pm. This has worked out rather conveniently for me as it coincides with our wedding anniversary!

Sailing Committee met during January to confirm the racing programme for 2018. It was also confirmed that the Club will be hosting the Flying Fifteen Northern Area Championships, World Qualifier and Lakeland Grand Prix on 21 - 22 April. If you haven’t seen it already, please check out the website for the excellent promotional video produced by Dave Heron.

Best wishes

Simon McVey


As many of you will know we are hosting the Flying Fifteen Northern Area Championships on the weekend of 21st & 22nd April; this event will form part of the qualification series for the World Championships in 2019 in Dublin Bay.  In view of this we are expecting a good number of competitors and we are already working on generating interest. You may already have seen David’s promotional video,watch it here

We would be very grateful if the three Northern most Jetties are kept clear all weekend, free from tenders, large cruisers etc. Launching over 30 Fifteens with only three slipways could prove challenging so If you can make some space in the dinghy park to accommodate we’d be grateful. Can you give up your space (just for that weekend) for the good of the club? If so can you take your boat on Thursday or Friday, bringing it back on Sunday evening, late. As many will arrive and Rig on Saturday morning the club car park is likely to be a bit chaotic until lunchtime when we will hopefully have everyone in a space. 

We will be having live tracking at the event which will allow you to see what is going on out on the lake from the comfort of the bar. If you are not helping, spectator boats are welcome though not on the course obviously.

If you can help all the better, please talk to Peter Gooch or David Heron & Keith Jamieson, any volunteers for launching recover would be helpful.

From the Sailing Secretary:     

                                                                         Please be advised that a revised edition of the 'NOTICE OF RACE' and 'SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 2018', have now been posted on the Club's website. I would like to bring to your attention, the following amendments:

  1. NOTICE OF RACE: Item 4- ENTRIES: sub item 4.2 is amended to reflect the new policy of not charging for Racing Fees in your membership, but an alternative method is now in place.

  2. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: item 12 THE START: a new sub item added -

12.5 A race can be started at it's scheduled time. If fewer than three boats have started after 20 minutes of the start signal, then that race will not count. Or the Race Officer, at his discretion, can postpone the race.

(This addition arises from a situation experienced last season with a certain Class Race. It is hoped that this new wording will remove any confusion.)

  1. INSURANCE: item 19. It is now required that the third party insurance liability is for a minimum of £3,000,000.

COURSE MEETINGS: Last season it was requested that the Sunday Course Meetings were not required, as not many competitors attended these meetings. However, this season, these meetings will be reinstated. On Sunday, the Meetings will be held at 12.30, even though the racing starts at 13.30. Sufficient time is still allowed for competitors to get their boats to the Start Line in time for the afternoons racing. The purpose of the meetings is to allow competitors to have an input into the day's racing. It also affords the Race Officer the opportunity to know how many boats of various classes will be on the Start Line and therefore being able to lay a reasonable line to accommodate these classes.

DUTY MAN is almost complete and will be published in the near future.

The 'Provisional Fixture List' is now on the club's web site. This is only provisional, but in general, should be close to the final version.

The new season is approaching fast. We begin on the Thursday, 5th April 2018, following the Easter Weekend. This evening sees the start for the Handicap classes and the Flying Fifteen's, who also will be preparing for their Northern Championships on the 21st/22nd April 2018. The turnout is expected to be good, as this is also a qualifier for the World's to be held in Ireland 2019.

I hope we have a good and successful season with favourable winds and sunshine.


Handicap Sub Committee.

As directed at the last Dinghy Owners’ Meeting at the end of the 2016 season, a Handicap Sub Committee was formed in April 2017.  Following a number of formative years at RWYC, it was thought appropriate to examine the structure of Handicap Sailing at the Club and place it on a more formal footing, taking into account RYA guidance and the sailing environment at RWYC, including the range of boats participating in the racing.The broad rationale of the Sub Committee is to enable all sailors to participate in a fair and equitable racing environment.  Accordingly, the Sub-Committee set about examining the following broad areas:

  1. Boat Handicap Rating

  2. Scoring Mechanism for Handicap Races

  3. Race Management and Race Format. To date, the following minor changes to Handicap Racing have been applied in order to avoid anomalies observed in previous seasons’ racing:

  4. Only sailors eligible to win a trophy to be included in the scoring for that trophy.  For example, Windermere School sailors who are not RWYC members will not be included in the official scoring for the Dennis Hope Trophy; they will, however, be included in unofficial race and overall scoring for the School and personal reference purposes.  This avoids the potentially large number of School sailors affecting the results of RWYC members.

  5. The DNC score to be applied for a series will be “the maximum number of boats that came to the start area in any one race plus 2”.  This introduces a consistent approach to this aspect of scoring and takes into account the ad-hoc entry to race series in use at RWYC.

  6. A Discards formula of 1 in 4 races sailed (rounded down) to be applied during a series rather than at the end.  This will give a more realistic running score.

  7. A Qualifying formula of 1 in 3 races sailed (rounded down) to be applied during a series.  This, in addition to providing a more realistic running score, was thought likely act as an encouragement for people to turn up and sail even if their points score for a series is favourable.

The difficult area of Boat Handicap Rating is also being examined.  The RYA PY system is clear that the Rating published annually by them is merely a guide and they are at pains to point out that Clubs should adjust the Rating where necessary.  The past two years’ RWYC race results have been used in exercises comparing the Great Lakes ratings against the RYA ratings.  The same set of results have also been inputted to the RYA online tool designed as an aid to this complex process.  Following much discussion the following changes to the PY ratings at RWYC have been introduced:

  1. RS100 (8.4) 1000 (down from 1008)

  2. Laser (Std) 1107 (up from 1097)

  3. Solo (Wooden and older GRP Hull) 1153 (up from 1143)

  4. Phantom (Wooden Hull) 1035 (up from 999)

  5. Contender 990 (up from 970)

All other boats to remain as published in the 2017 RYA Guidance for the time being.  For reference, a rating increase is favourable and a change of one point affects the corrected time in a typical RWYC 50 minute race by about 3 seconds.                                                                                                                        All of the above points are subject to ongoing review.  The next meeting is to be held at the end of July and the Sub Committee will be inviting feedback from sailors prior to that meeting.

Please Note: The minutes of the Handicap Sub Committee Meetings are available on the RWYC Website in the “Members – Officers and Committees” section (Members’ login required) and that general information about the RYA PY Ratings and how it relates to RWYC is available in the “Sailing” section (no login required).

Zoe's Corner

Happy New Year if I haven't seen you already.

There is a very interesting social calendar ready for 2018 (which is on the website)
To ease the crowd at the bar on social dinners, we are now taking wine orders in advance and also payment prior to the event. This is simply to ease the congestion on arrival at the bar and to make it faster for members to get drinks.

Upcoming functions:-
15th February - A talk with Penny Aubrey and a one course supper is also available if pre booked
17th February - The Valentine dinner and disco with DJ McVey - Welcome drink and 3 course dinner £22.50pp
24th February - The RNLI 125 year luncheon - this is now fully booked
25th February - Club Carvery Lunch £13.50pp

As it is now heading towards the sailing season and we have quite a few bookings in the diary, it is time for us to be thinking about hiring more staff; so if you know of any neighbours, friends, family etc who would maybe be interested please point them in our direction.

I am proud to say that the kitchen has had a visit from the environmental health department and I have finally given full marks. Prior to the fire the wood in the kitchen always prevented us being awarded 5 stars, we were always marked down to 4; the inspectors are now happy!

Any enquiries or bookings please email myself on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.