Letter From the Commodore
Dear Members,
I’m writing this on Polling Day.  Will the torrential rain stop us voting?  Will the gale force winds stop us sailing tonight?
We are considering a replacement of Retriever for next season.: she has served us well but we now require a more maintenance free, and comfortable, boat.  Race Officers and their helpers are now expected to be on the water for longer periods to accommodate back-to-back races which occur most weekends.  Amongst the specifications, the new boat should have comfortable all weather seating and a separate heads compartment.  After sailing on Monday and Tuesday of the recent race week, perhaps we should also consider a well stocked fridge, sleeping bags and duvets and a game of travel chess for our Race Officers: we were out there a long time!
I am still struggling with the engine of my old launch “Comet”.  In readiness for the Go-By-Boat Picnic, I was running her in forward gear whilst still tied up on her berth in Shepherds Wet Dock: in less than a minute the engine came to a sudden grinding stop. I instinctively knew that something was around the prop.  In man handling “Comet” into more space and daylight, I could see a trail of white fluffy ‘stuff’ behind the boat.  My first thoughts were – was this one of the Queens Swans or perhaps a visiting goose from Canada?  After careful probing around the stern gear with a boathook, I was relieved to find that I had picked up a sleeping bag and even more relieved that there was no one in it! Needless to say, work is still on going with “Comet” and Past Commodores magnificent boat “Merlin” is also still taking up most of Richard’s time: these old boats are certainly a labour of love.
As your Commodore, I have attended two additional meetings this week.  The first was a regional meeting of the RYA which we hosted at our Clubhouse.  I was invited to come along and I managed to persuade Ian Bertram to accompany me.  The Chairman, Geoff Maggitt took me aside and warned me that the content would be pretty boring and that I should feel free to leave the meeting at any time.  They briefly talked about major changes to the running and funding of the RYA but that this would be dealt with at a later special meeting.  I was then called upon to give an ‘off the cuff’ report on our sailing activities at the Club, both racing and training. Ian also managed a very good ‘off the cuff’ report on the problems that we are experiencing with sorting handicaps for our dinghy fleet: this also seems to be a big problem for other clubs. A representative from Coniston Sailing Club reported how well they were doing and Whitehaven Sailing Club commented on how they were struggling to get their cruiser racing established with less than one hundred members and no clubhouse.  “No clubhouse”, was greeted by a resounding, “You’re Lucky”, from around the table.  I then took the Chairman’s earlier advice and excused myself from the meeting at 9.00pm.  Sorry Ian.
The second meeting was held by United Utilities about the Windermere Catchment Strategy.  I had wrongly expected a meeting on the effects of a drought on the waters of Windermere but instead I am now more knowledgeable about Algal Bloom and the reduction of phosphorous entering the Lake.  United Utilities are reducing this with their new waste water pipe and that work will re-commence in the Autumn.  Expect more closures on the Newby Bridge Road, Ferry Nab and Glebe Road.  Inconvenient, but United Utilities are doing a great job and keeping us all informed.
This reminds me that The Great North Swim takes place this week-end, (cancelled in 2010 due to toxic algae), so if you are travelling to the Club from Ambleside, expect long delays.
I hope to see you either on the water or at our up and coming social events.
RYA Race Officers Course
The RYA are intending to hold a Race Officers course in the later part of the month of September, this year. The purpose of this course is for the particular racing of dinghies and keelboats on Lake Windermere because the lake is an ‘inland waterway’ and not effected by tides, which most coastal courses cover.
In addition, the Winter Series, held on the lake, is being recognised by the RYA and will become a championship event.
If any members are interested in attending the RYA Race Officers Course please contact Peter Gooch, Hon Sailing Secretary. Further information about the course (location, finance, duration) will then be given to you as soon as it is available.
Social Calendar
Now that the refurbishment of the kitchen and dining room in the club is finished, the planned social calendar has fully resumed. Many members enjoyed a barbecue with disco on Bank Holiday Saturday. We have the following events to look forward to over the next few months – make a note in your diary and support the club!
Saturday 10 June – Evening Picnic by Boat: Meet at 6.30pm at the Club; bring your own food and drink, and enjoy a boat ride with fellow members to a secret location to ‘eat, drink and be merry’. There is a list on the notice board in the club to match boat spaces and people!
Saturday 24 June – Midsummer Dance: 7.30pm; Dress Code Smart; 3 course meal with coffee; dancing to DJ Travis; 28 pounds. Please book with Zoe at the Club or sign the list on the notice board.
Saturday 15 July – RNLI Open Handicap Race – Evening Buffet: more information to follow.
Saturday 22 July – RWYC’s Got Talent: now is the time to start ‘getting your act together’! Anything goes- music, dance, comedy, magic ….. – entertain fellow members and guests with your hidden talents! Food will be available. More details to follow.
Saturday 5 August – Boat Parade, Barbecue and Disco: The Annual Boat Parade in Bowness Bay gives us a chance to participate with other lake users; if you’ve got any ideas how to dress up a boat – be it a club dinghy or your family’s boat – get involved! It would be great if we could put on a good show. There will be a barbecue and music at the club - and we also have the best view! Again, further details to follow.
Saturday 12 August - Cruiser Class Dinner. Further details to follow. All Welcome.
Saturday 26 August – Caribbean Evening: Time to dust off those Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts! Steel Band and dinner – more details to follow.
Stop Press. Sunday 16 July - Wimbledon Final -  More Details to follow.
Mast Racks
We would be grateful if members could identify any masts in the mast racks as we are looking at the possibility of re-positioning them, and need to clarify the number of spaces required.
The Car Park
The sailing season is now in full swing with the commensurate pressure on car parking spaces, especially at the weekend. We are looking at ways of addressing this issue in the future so please bear with us.

As you may know the kitchen and dining room are both ‘back up and running’.
Regular weekly catering for days and evenings are now fully restored:

  • Monday evenings after racing (around 8pm) there are sandwiches available from the bar; for a payment of £2.50, please help yourself to the items from the platters on the bar.
  • Thursday evenings after racing (around 8pm) the ‘Dinghy Supper’ is served in the restaurant from the service station. The cost is £6.00 per person with a choice of two main courses and a potato and vegetable dish included. If there are less than 10 people booked for this, the Friday night menu is available instead. Please book for this event: the list is posted, on the functions board in the club, every week.
  • Friday evening: bar snack menu is served in the restaurant between 7pm and 9pm. The bar snack menu is available on the website to view, and there is also a specials list available each week: bookings are preferred, to guarantee a space, but this is not essential. This had become very popular with members, and some dishes sell out very quickly, so please order earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment. On a Friday evening; the menus will be on the bar, once you have made your decision please order at the bar and a waiter/waitress will come and escort you to your table when your food is almost ready. Friday night bills are paid for upstairs please as it is a separate business to the club.
  • Saturday and Sunday Lunches are served from the service station in the restaurant, between 12pm and 2pm. There is a variety of sandwich fillings available each week, which can be made into salads, sandwiches or baguettes. Also available are chips, homemade soup, sausage rolls and pies. A lunch price list is available on the website.
  • If you see a function which you would like to attend; please book in early to avoid disappointment on the day, as only so many covers can be catered for.
Just a few reminders as Club catering has not been available for almost a year: -
  • Please do not bring your own food and eat it inside the clubhouse; please take this onto the balcony or speak with the Stewardess before eating it in the dining room.
  • No hot food should be eaten in the bar area (chips or soup from lunches), unless it is from the bar snack menu and eaten on the designated tables.
  • All food purchases from the lunch menu or bar snack menu: please pay for these upstairs and not at the bar.
  • The catering is a separate business to that of the Yacht Club and payment can only be made with cash or cheques as there is no facility for credit, debit or membership cards.
  • If you would like to book in for an event, please either ring the Club and speak directly to Zoe or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (all capital letters).
  • If you are having a family party or just a general ‘get together’, why not use the club?
Be it a dinner party, large family gathering, BBQ or just nibbles and drinks, hire the club instead of having to do all the work yourself!!
  • The bar now has cask ale available again; at the moment, we are serving E.P.A which is going down very well with your fellow members so far. However, we do plan on having a few varieties throughout the season.
  • There is now cider on tap also; which is Kingston Press, which again is proving very popular.

 I hope you all have a good season this year and make the most of this beautiful club.
The Stewardess
For Your Information
Payment at the Bar: A reminder that you can use your membership card for payment at the bar if you have placed a previous down payment either of cash or credit/debit card. (Particularly useful if you are sailing as you don’t need to leave money in the changing rooms!)
Saturday Bar Opening Hours: The bar is open until 10.00pm during the summer hours (9.00pm during winter) unless there are no members present in which case it will close at 9.00pm.
Dogs: Dogs are welcome at the Club, except inside the clubhouse and on the decking. However, they must be kept on a lead at all times: thank you in advance for this.