Exciting news


As you may or may not know, the kitchen and dining room are both 'back up and running'

This means that the regular weekly catering for days and evenings are now fully restored:

  • Monday evenings after racing (around 8pm) there are sandwiches available from the bar; where you pay £2.50 per person, and help yourself to the items from the platters on the bar.
  • Thursday evenings after racing (around 8pm) the 'dinghy supper' is served in the restaurant from the service station. The cost is £6.00 per person with a choice of two main courses with a potato dish and vegetable dish.

Please book in for this event; the list is posted, on the functions board in the club, every week.

  • Friday evenings; bar snack menu is served in the restaurant between 7pm and 9pm. The bar snack menu is available on the website to view, and there is also a specials list available each week:bookings are preferred, to guarantee you a space, but this is not essential. This had become very popular with members, and some dishes are so good that they sell out very quickly, so please order earlier rather than later to avoid disappointment.
  • Saturday and Sunday Lunches are served from the service station in the restaurant, between 12pm and 2pm. There is a different variety of sandwich fillings available each week, which can be made into salads, sandwiches or baguettes. Also available are chips, homemade soup, sausage rolls and pies. A lunch price list is also available on the website.

Just a few little reminders as catering has not been available for almost a year:-

  • Please do not bring your own food in and eat it in the clubhouse; please take this onto the balcony or speak with Zoe before eating it in the dining room.
  • No hot food should be eaten in the bar area (chips or soup from lunches), unless it is from the bar snack menu and eaten on the designated tables.
  • All food purchases from the lunch menu or bar snack menu: please pay for these upstairs and not at the bar.
  • The catering is a separate business to that of the yacht club and payment can only be made with cash or cheques as there is no facility for credit, debit or membership cards.
  • If you would like to book in for an event, please either ring the club and speak directly to Zoe or email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (all capital letters)
  • If you’re having a family party or just a 'general get together' why not use the club?

Be it a dinner party, large family gathering, BBQ or just nibbles and drinks, hire the club instead of having to do all the work yourself!!


I hope you all have a good season this year and make the most of this beautiful club.