Friday Night Menu

served between 7pm and 9pm



Homemade Soup of the Day £3.00 ©

served with a warm bread roll and butter

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms £4.20 ©

served with a dressed salad garnish and homemade garlic mayonnaise

Homemade Thai Chicken Cakes £5.00 ©

homemade with chicken, ginger, coriander and chillies served on a bed of leaves with a sweet chill dip

Traditional Prawn Cocktail £5.20 ©

succulent cold water prawns topped with a marie rose sauce, and served on a bed of mixed leaves with sliced brown bread


Salads / Platters

Mixed Cheese Salad £6.70 ©

selection of cheese wedges with a mixed salad and sliced new potatoes

Prawn Salad £7.00 ©

succulent cold-water prawns topped with marie rose sauce, served with a mixed salad and sliced new potatoes

Meat Platter £7.20 ©

selection of meats - parma ham, pastrami beef, breaded chicken goujons

served with chilli & tomato chutney, a salad garnish and baguette slices

Fish Platter £7.50 ©

a variety of fish – smoked salmon pieces, filo prawns, breaded plaice goujons

served with tartare sauce, a salad garnish and baguette slices


Side Orders

Side of chips £1.40

Side of sweet potato fries £1.80

Side of homemade beer battered onion rings £2.50

Garlic ciabatta £2.80

Garlic ciabatta topped with melted blue cheese £3.20


Main Courses


Please ask to see this evenings specials


Horseshoe Gammon £9.40 ©

topped with a fried egg & a pineapple ring

Succulent Breaded Scampi £9.70©

accompanied with tartare sauce

Garlic Salmon Supreme £9.90

poached salmon supreme topped with garlic cold water prawns

8oz Rump Steak £12.90

cooked to your liking; served with garlic butter & homemade beer battered onion rings

Surf and Turf £15.50

an 8oz Rump steak cooked to your liking, with succulent breaded scampi pieces


All the above are served with a choice of

chips or new potatoes


salad or garden peas


Any dishes with a © next to the price, can be served as a smaller portion



Children’s Ice Cream £2.50

Fruit Sorbet £3.60

Ice Cream Sundae £3.80

Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.40

Assorted Cheese and Biscuits platter £5.40


Please note that any catering can only be paid for, with a cheque made payable to Zoe Broughton or cash; unfortunately not with any form of card.