Lunch Menu

served between 12pm and 2pm

Saturday and Sunday

Bowl of Homemade Soup                                    £1.40

Soup with bread & butter                                   £1.60

½ a Baguette                                                       £0.50

Bowl of Chips                                                      £1.20

Scotch Egg                                                           £0.70

Sausage Roll                                                        £0.50

Small Pork Pie                                                     £0.50


I’m afraid things do sell out, so if you see something that interests your appetite please order quickly.


Sandwich List

All sandwiches are served on a choice of….

White or Wholemeal; medium sliced bread:

White or Wholemeal Baguettes at an extra cost of 30p



Mature Cheddar Cheese (sliced)       £1.90        £2.20

Egg Mayonnaise                                 £1.90        £2.20

Tuna Mayonnaise                               £2.00        £2.30

Lakeland Horseshoe Gammon          £2.10        £2.40

Roasted Topside of Beef                    £2.30        £2.60

Cumberland Sausage                         £2.20        £2.50

Chicken Tikka/Coronation Chicken   £2.40        £2.70

Smoked Salmon                                 £2.50        £2.80

Sandwiches with two fillings in from £2.50       £2.80


Salads starting from…..                                       £2.50


There are various salad items available; if you would like a salad making up or something adding to your sandwich, please just ask.