2017 Sessions start Saturday 29th April 10.00am3 GPs racing

The RWYC set up an ‘Adult Squad’ in April 2015, to complement the existing Youth Squad by providing assistance to adult sailors.

The  Adult Squad helps novice and inexperienced adult sailors learn more effective sailing, both for crewing for others and more especially for helming their own boats.  Basic racing skills are also covered, with practice starts and mini-races held on a regular basis.

The Squad is supported by existing Club members on a volunteer basis. There is no charge for participation. The Adult Squad is run by its members.

 The Squad meets on two days each week during the sailing season, coincidental with meetings of the Youth Squad:

            - Fridays 4.30pm – 6.30pm

            - Saturdays 10am – 12noon

Squad members can attend either or both days. When sailing, the Squad sails in the vicinity of the Youth Squad to take advantage of the escort facilities on the water but is not wholly reliant on those facilities; a volunteer dory/motor boat is also provided when possible.

Membership does not lead to any 'levels’ or ‘certificates'.

The Adult Squad is open to existing members of the Club. We hope it may be extended (on a fee-paying basis) to parents of Youth Squad members and encourage them to take up Club membership.


A minimum of 6 Squad members per session can be accommodated, requiring 3 boats and 3 volunteers:

            3 members + 1 volunteer (in the Club Stratos)

            2 members + 1 volunteer (in the Club Wayfarer)

            1 member + 1 volunteer (in a Squad member’s own boat)

Volunteers are requested from ALL fleets of the Club!!  You just have to be willing to pass on your sailing skills to others.


Please email Nigel Hutchinson (Adult Squad Leader) on   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

            (a)  if you would be interested in becoming an Adult Squad member

            (b ) if you would be interested in becoming an Adult Squad volunteer

Please make it clear which one you are referring to.





1.         Rigging.  Hoisting sails afloat. Trim and balance. Launching & returning to jetty.

2.         Launching & returning to jetty (in different wind conditions).

            Reaching – sailing across the wind. 

            Stopping – lying to.

            Controlling speed.

            Tacking – turning the bow through the wind.  (Helm & crew’s roles).

3.         Points of wind: adjusting sails, crew balance and centreboard accordingly 

            Getting out of irons.

            Sailing upwind; sailing downwind.

            Gybing – turning the back of the boat through the wind. (Helm & crew’s roles).

4.         The 5 essentials:  centreboard, sail setting, balance, trim, course made good.

5.         How capsizes occur.  Recovery.  Being towed.

6.         Sailing a course  (triangle, sausage).

7.         Rough weather – coping with gusts. The Beaufort Scale.

8.         Flat weather – coping with calms.

9.         Rights of way. Avoiding collisions. The Start Line.

10.       Man overboard. Heaving to. Picking up a floating object. Coming alongside a moored boat.

11.       Spinnaker.

12.       Racing:  rules and techniques.


This outline programme is intended to provide a focus for the sessions, but not be overly prescriptive.

The ordering of some of the topics will naturally depend on weather conditions.

 All the topics will be recycled several times during the season, according to the needs of the participants.

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